Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Bits, Thoughts, and Other...

First off, allow me to channel the spirit of Acidman: Whoever came up with the nitwit idea of "roll over to play" fucking internet ads needs to be dragged off and shot.

Especially when there's 2-3 seconds of nothing at the start of the ad, so that you go to a different tab and then wonder WTF is making all that noise? And whoever came up with the brilliant idea of letting any yahoo with a used car emporium use really loud (and bad) pseudo-rock music as their background? Also dragged off and shot.

And while I'm complaining about car stuff online, Nissan, your website SUCKS. Seriously. I attempted to use your carbuilder feature for about 10 minutes last night, and gave up when it consistently failed to load. This is on a standard Windows-based PC that's not unduly old nor underpowered, coming over a reasonably fast cable model connection. Whoever your web person is, give them a kick in the shins for me and tell them to smarten up.

For those in a praying mood, Kevin's niece is battling leukemia. I really hate cancer, especially when it strikes little kids. They've set up a web page to chronicle her battle and to help defray her medical costs, so if you've got a spare shekel, consider helping Maddy out.

In happy news, Lissa is a new mommy! YAY BABIES!!!

RULE FOUR, PEOPLE. Stories like these drive me apeshit. It frightens me that there are people so monumentously stupid that they'll just grab a gun and blast away at anything they see moving. This is especially enraging to me as that little girl is the same age as my daughter. I cannot imagine how anyone with two functioning brain cells to rub together could confuse a 9 year old child with a skunk...

I think that about wraps up the good news/bad news portion of the day...

That is all.


Sigivald said...

And while I'm complaining about car stuff online, Nissan, your website SUCKS

Toyota's, also.

Like their vehicles, hate their website.

Old NFO said...

Concur on all, thoughts and prayers for Kevin's niece.

Dave H said...

Kind of an emotional roller coaster today Jay.

Congratulations to Lissa! Forget what the TV used to say about the Peace Corps. Parenthood is the toughest job you'll ever love.

Prayers and good wishes for Madeline. Hang in there, young lady! Winners never quit.

Was that the (carcompany) site? Doesn't look too bad from here. But companies whose start pages are Flash-heavy have exactly one chance to retain me as a customer, and that's by having a "skip intro" link. If I can't find that before I reach the Back button, I'll shop elsewhere. I almost bought another Suzuki motorcycle instead of the Triumph because of that.

Finally, I hope that fool in Pennsylvania wakes up screaming every night for the rest of his life.

Wraith said...

Nissan's website may suck, but their trucks kick 57 varieties of ass.