Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning Addition!

Bob S. sends in another addition, just in time for a stormy Monday...

Dallas homeowner shoots intruders; one dead
DALLAS — A Dallas homeowner said she opened fire on three intruders early Saturday morning, killing one of them and wounding another.

According to a police report, the 50-year-old woman came home to her residence in the 400 block of Bolero Avenue to find the front door had been kicked in. She observed one suspect inside.

When she showed up, they started pouring out of the house, and that's when she started shooting. The story doesn't say either way, but I wonder if they were headed her way when she made the decision to fire. In Texas it doesn't matter - you are within your rights to use deadly force in the defense of your property - and three goblins to one are bad odds to begin with. Especially when they've all got outstanding warrants.

Again, to reiterate - I'd rather see a dead goblin than a dead homeowner any day.

Dead Goblin Count: 339

That is all.


Tim Covington said...

This article points out that one of the burglars was armed with a handgun.

JD Rush said...

Do they arrest you in Texas if you don't put a bullet in each goblin?

I've been dying to post that all day.