Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lucky Threes!

Barron sends in the latest addition - from Hoosierville!

Pizza Owner Fatally Shoots Robber
Police say an eastern Indiana man has been shot dead while trying to rob a pizzeria.

Richmond police said 30-year-old Freddie McCoy of Richmond was shot by an employee of Mercurio's Pizza about 10 p.m. Saturday.

Capt. Jim Branam tells the Palladium-Item that McCoy died at Reid Hospital after being treated by medical personnel at the scene of the shooting. It's not clear from the report if McCoy had a weapon.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, yeah, he either had a weapon or made it appear like he did. Even if he walked in and yelled "this is a robbery" with no weapon, there's still the implied threat of force inherent anyways. I just don't see the pizza store worker randomly opening fire on someone for walking in - otherwise it wouldn't be a robbery...

This is the benefit to society of being armed. As more and more criminals meet their demise at the hands of law-abiding citizens, it makes the life of crime that much less attractive to a criminal. In places like NY or Chicago, where the average criminal is unlikely to meet any resistance and the "justice" system will come down harder on someone illegally carrying a gun than robbing someone, their odds are pretty good. In free states, however, they're becoming more and more likely to develop sudden, extra holes in their bodies.

It's amazing how effective a deterrent a sucking chest wound can be...

Dead Goblin Count: 333.

That is all.


Peter said...

You do realize what this sounds like, don't you? "Freddie" was shot at "Mercurio's". All we need now is Queen singing a chorus of "We Are The Champions"!


Ed said...

He died from Mercurio lead poisoning?

Anonymous said...

He was actually shot in the back while leaving the restaurant and money behind. he died on the sidewalk and he was unarmed....