Saturday, October 20, 2012

KTKC Prize Distribution...

Two of the prizes - the hat and the lower - have already been "delivered" in that the winners have been put in touch with the respective artisans.

One prize - the MHI mega-package - is still being assembled.

Three prizes - the MHI-themed sporran, the damascus bowie knife, and the custom 1911 grips - are shipping today.

Thanks again to all who donated, and to the folks that gave their time and energy to have items for me to give away:

Michael W.

Nancy R.

Dragon Leatherworks

York Arms
Larry Correia

Rimfire Designs

Until next year, stay kilted!

That is all.

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Jumblerant said...

Not doing anything for MOvember now that you are fur-free under the nose? I'd be interested in joining if you want a competition.