Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In The Interest of Completion...

A while back, Roger e-mailed me some pictures of his York Arms lower. He has now finished his rifle, and is understandably proud of it. I figured I'd show it off for him:

Here are the specs per Roger:
20", .223  SS Shilen match barrel & bolt,  Wylde chamber, Guissele high speed match trigger,  Magpul MOE grip, Milspec upper, Model 1 free float handguard,   4~ 16 x 44mm  mil-dot, illuminated FFP scope, Serial # is my USAF ID  number, Eagle Globe & Anchor is for my son the reformed Marine.
Very nice, Roger!

Now, this is rather timely, as Wally is finishing up my first AR build (I thought, briefly, about doing it myself. Then I remembered the fate of one of my plastic models as a kid. I need to work on my patience first...), and I hope to be able to showcase it soon.  It is intended to be a target/varminting rig extraordinaire (oh, yes, I fully intend to head back to Colorado to put another dent in the prairie dog population with this one!), and I'll be listing the specs shortly - and possibly visiting it this weekend...

Until then, I can live vicariously through Roger's build - thansk Roger!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Purty rifle! :-)

Daddybear said...

Very nice. I can't wait to get my hands on my lower and get started.

FrankC said...

And it's in evil black!
How badass is that?