Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Got Bit... a Viper.

Last week, pretty much at the last minute, I decided to leave my Colt Gold Cup 1911 home and take the Smith & Wesson M&P instead. If something were to happen to the Colt, it would be rather difficult to replace - new Gold Cups aren't MA-compliant, and older models are awfully rare. Plus I'd be too angry to see straight. The M&P? I can buy another one just like it as soon as the insurance check hits my bank account.

Except that I have several awesome OC holsters for a 1911, and only one utilitarian Bianchi for the M&P (I originally bought it for the S&W SW99, and it fits the M&P with only a moderate amount of futzing). I dropped Dennis a quick e-mail to see if he happened to have any holsters sitting around for the M&P (and to let him know how the KTKC fundraiser was going - and thank him again for the awesome sporran!).

Well, long story short, he didn't have any holsters for the M&P made. He was also a thousand miles away from his shop, and wasn't going to be back until the weekend. I resigned myself to taking my existing Bianchi, until he told me that he could have a new Viper holster in my hands by Wednesday.

Sure enough, yesterday this arrived:

Isn't that gorgeous? It fits the M&P snugly; I expect that over time it will break in perfectly. It fits perfectly on a 1.5" belt at ~ 4 o'clock, and holds the pistol nice and close to the body. Expect a full review after this weekend's festivities, when I'll have a chance to wear it all day, every day.

Take a closer look:

Yep, that's the MHI logo on a subdued green background, with a "monster" of an insert (I think it's croc; not sure though). Like the rest of the holsters from Dragon Leatherworks, this one is subtle, yet elegant; fancy, yet useful. I'm really looking forward to wearing this out and about - and I'll have to count the days until I can move to a state that allows OC...

Mad props to Dennis for this awesome holster - on the fly, no less!

That is all.


Dave H said...

It'd stink to own something that pretty and not be able to wear it. That's why I don't own any OC holsters.

I think you're right about the inset, the pattern looks like crocodile skin.

Anonymous said...

Great-looking holster.
I have only bought a belt from
Dennis so far. That may have to

Dragon said...

Nope, not croc... :-)

Ostrich LEG skin. Its very reptilian-looking, and is absolutely stunning when used as an accent slice of leather.

Dave H said...

I didn't know ostrich had those smooth oval smooth patches. I'd only ever seen it on alligator. I thought ostrich only had that fine pebbly surface.

Bubblehead Les. said...

You know, if Dennis keeps this up, we can soon have the first Gunnie Runway Fashion Show and Blogshoot!

"Next here's Jay sporting the Ostrich Skin Holster for the M+P. Notice how it contrasts nicely with his Kilt. For Fall Wear, one would be hard pressed to...."

Geodkyt said...

That truly is the nice thing about Combat Tupperwear (no, that isn't a typo {grin}) -- no soul.

Gotta replace your Plastic Fantastic? The next will be exactly the same. I think Tam is right -- there is a market for blister-pack Flat Black People Poppers just marked "GUN 9x19mm" in generic lettering.

Jay G said...

Precisely, Geodkyt. Of the guns I brought with me, only one would cause me any agida to replace - the S&W model 27. If I'm going to be critter huntin' and long range shooting, though, I can't leave the big .357 Magnum home...

Fred said...

Damn... I may have to get him to make me one just like that.

Skip said...

Just ordered another Fugly from Dennis for my new CZ-75.
Been packing a 1911 under t-shirts, etc. with one and nobody notices.
He also made me a bar-b-que holster that gets a lot of compliments.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Wow. You've got talented friends, Jay.