Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #288

Today's gun pic is a big one:

That's an Armalite AR50, single shot .50 BMG rifle with 32X Burris scope. The tiny white dot against the small berm in the upper right corner is a refrigerator - at 800 yards. With the help of aepilotjim spotting for me and Speer helping me get to the target, I hit the refrigerator on my second shot. A slightly-larger-than-man-sized target nearly half a mile away, and I put a 0.5" hole in it.

Yeah, I was pretty darn proud of that.

The AR50 is an impressive chunk of hardware, I have to admit. It belongs to a friend of our hosts who was gracious enough to meet us out at the range and let us try out an honest-to-goodness .50 caliber rifle. He also had a pair of suppressed .22s - a Ruger 22/45 and a CZ452 bolt action rifle that was "Hollywood" quiet - it actually sounded like you were dry-firing rather than shooting.

That's the great thing about the gunnie community. At the shoot, folks were walking up to me, handing me loaded guns and saying "you gotta try this!" - and I did! Any time someone asked to try out one of the guns I brought I was happy to oblige (although I didn't get a chance to let my host try the K-Yote... *sad*). I went off on the great prairie dog hunt and left my remaining firearms on the bench, with the explicit instructions that anyone who wanted to try either had my blessing.

It's a great group of people, and I'm proud to be one of them...

That is all.


JD Rush said...

My LGS had one of those on display. Guess which gun my then 4 year old made a beeline for?
"I want that one daddy!"
"Me too son, me too...."

Wally said...

Jay realizing rifles are fun ? I am encouraged for the future of gunmanity!

Brad_in_MA said...


Wanna try shooting steel (AR 500) at 100 or 200 yards? Call me . . . let's talk. You've got the number.

- Brad

MSgt B said...

and you still look creepy as hell without the stache.

Hope that thing grows back quickly.

Ed said...

Mark Serbu of Serbu Firearms gave me the opportunity to heft and work the bolt on one of these at the factory a few months ago:

Absolutely sweet and slick. Lighter and less costly than the competitor's products.

Christmas is coming, and I have already told my sons what I really, really want. I promise to be good, er... at least, to be better.

Jennifer said...

That one was awesome. I would like to point out that I also shot that particular rifle. Once. I hit the 2.5 paint can sitting on top of that refrigerator. And since we were shooting armor piercing incendiary rounds, burnt the fridge to the ground. First (and probably only) opportunity I've ever had to tease AD on his marksmanship.