Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Day, Five Additions...

Well, folks, it looks like we have a full week's worth of DGC additions. Jake sends in the latest:

Roanoke police say man shot in home invasion
Roanoke police are investigating after a home invasion in the northwest part of the city turned deadly Tuesday night, authorities said.

Officers responded at 11:15 p.m. to Westwood Village Apartments in the 800 block of Westwood Boulevard. They found Lamon O'Neil Price, 31, of Roanoke shot dead in a lower-level hallway, police said.
Knock on the door, and when someone answers push your way inside with a gun. That's pretty clear-cut who the bad guys are, isn't it? Kudos to the gentleman who tangled with an armed assailant; even more props to the shooter who had the presence of mind and aim to hit an armed adversary who was engaged with a friendly.

Push your way into a place uninvited, get shot - that's as it should be.

Dead Goblin Count: 332

That is all.

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