Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dispatches from Planet Weembo

So, on Facebook one of my lefty friends (yes, I have them, really) posts this article:

Seven right-wing radicals in Romneyland
Forget Mitt's move to the center. He still has the backing of religious extremists and sexual fundamentalists

Right. Because if there's anything Mitt Romney is known for being, it's a right wing extremist. Why, I lost count of the number of times I've heard my conservative friends say "boy, I'd like to vote for Mitt Romney, but he's just too extreme". I want to know what color the sky is in these peoples' world.

It's almost like they're flaunting the fact that the media is in bed with the Obama campaign. I keep seeing all these commercials about Romney repealing Roe vs. Wade and "taking away a woman's right to choose" and I can't help but wonder, are these people even living on the same planet? I mean, we'll even look beyond the simple fact that all repealing Roe vs. Wade would do would be to return the abortion issue to the individual states...

Look, I get it. You want four more years of President Feckless. But really? You're going to paint MITT FREAKING ROMNEY as a right wing extremist? The dude who signed the MA Assault Weapons ban? He's your religious warrior that's going to stand up against the vast majority of the population and ban abortion? What the holy fuck are you people smoking?

Mitt Romney is about as squishy a "conservative" as you will ever find, folks. Trying to make him out to be one step to the right of Attila the Hun only makes you look foolish. Again, GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS. Ann Coulter was right: for liberals, history began this morning. These people are claiming, as far as I can tell for real, that the same Mitt Romney elected governor by a CRUSHING MARGIN IN MASSACHUSETTS is a right-wing zealot who will slap on burkhas and outlaw abortion the minute after he takes his hand off the Bible in January.

Mitt "RomneyCare" Romney. The guy who sponsored the state-mandated health care plan that would be adopted by that well-known right wing extremist Barack Obama. As Massachusetts governor, he signed an extension of the Assault Weapons Ban that was championed by that other right wing extremist Bill Clinton. It's like these people know that no one will ever call them on their BS.

It all fits, though. You see, to the liberals (no need to type "and media"), Republicans are either evil or stupid. George W. Bush and Dan Quayle are stupid. Mitt Romney and John McCain are evil. Ronald Reagan had the distinction of being both. They obviously can't claim that Romney is stupid after the first Presidential debate, so naturally he has to be evil. Playing the "right wing extremist fundy theocrat" card is all they have - and they fail so miserably that it's almost comical.

To anyone that has taken even a cursory look at Mitt Romney, the thought that anyone could even think of accusing him of being too right wing is laughable. 

That is all.


George said...

What the heck is a sexual fundamentalist?

ASM826 said...


It's a couple of young kids parked by the river in Daddy's Buick, trying to figure the fundamentals.

Sabra said...

Thing is, though, they believe this shit with all their hearts. Critical thinking skills are NOT a strong point for liberals; I have quite a few of them on my FB feed, and they honestly do seem to believe whatever they're told to believe. Not one person yet has been capable of saying to themselves "Y'know, Self, maybe Daily Kos isn't the most credible source out there."

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, ANYONE who's to the Right of Karl Marx is a "Right Wing Extremist" in today's Liberal Mindset, so I wouldn't sweat it too much.

Stretch said...

I've many "big L" Liberal friends.
They are nice to their pets and children. Make nice casseroles and pies that they're always willing to share. But they have absolutely no analytical reasoning skills.

All things political boil down to two causes; Bush's Fault! or Capitalism Sux!

And their belief in anything and everything Teh 0ne says is astounding. I've no doubt were O to announce the repeal of the law of gravity they would all float away. I'd miss their pies.

Geodkyt said...

George, ASM:

I'm a sexual fundamentalist.

I am fundamentally into sex.


JD said...

every time I hear that Roe v Wade crap I want to scream IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID!

Ed said...

Romney's basic position is that you can still have an abortion, just do not expect the Federal government to borrow money to pay for it. Just like Big Bird.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Big Bird expected the Federal government to pay for his abortion?