Monday, October 22, 2012

Chronologically Appropriate Gun Pr0n...

Heh. Last night, I was prepping some posts for today, and as I set up another DGC addition (I like to put those up at 8, to get the workday off to a happy start) I realized what today's date was. Naturally, I had to put something up for today:

My Ruger 10/22s. The top one is only two years younger than I am; the bottom one was made just this year. The top, despite appearances to the contrary, is a plain-jane 18" barrel blued steel version; the bottom is the stainless Takedown model. There's a $30-something red dot sight on the folder; the Takedown has a rail included but I'm still on the fence about putting an optic on it - it detracts from the takedown portion of, well, the Takedown.

Happy 10/22 day!

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


When realizing the date I of course immediately wondered whether you'd put up such a post.

And since we are talking dates on the calendar, I wish to remind all your readers that we are now inside of 30 days until National Ammo Day (Nov. 19).

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hey, Thanks Jay! I've been wondering how I can make my Birthday a National Holiday!

Actually, I'm going to pull a Robb Allen and Issue a Challenge. In honor of 10/22 Day, you all could buy me a Birthday Present. The Present will be that everyone INCREASE their .22LR Ammo Supply by 10%. If you want to buy a 10/22 Rifle or accessories for it, that's cool, but I think that one could never have enough .22LR. So support the Economy, Spread some Capitalism around, engage in your RKBA, and buy some .22LR TODAY!

You'll be glad you did.

Rifleman762 said...

Jay- how about putting a set of Tech Sights on the Takedown?

Wally said...

I was going to recommend the tech sights as well.

"No honest man needs more than" [ attrociously bad sights] - Bill Ruger

TheAxe said...
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TheAxe said...

How hard would it be to put an alternate stock on the takedown (assuming you cut it where it needs to rotate)?