Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bikers and Handguns and Cannon, Oh My!

Stretch sends in a story out of NYFC that should make some people think - but won't.

Granddads of anarchy! Geriatric biker gang in Brooklyn packed heat and cannon
A GROUP OF aging Brooklyn bikers — who earned patches for attacks on police — were busted Tuesday for peddling a deadly arsenal of weapons, including a cast iron cannon.

Undercover officers bought the old-time artillery for $2,000, along with 41 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, from the leather-clad biker goons during a two-year investigation that began October 2010.

First off, a hearty "Up yours" to the NY Daily News - 51 is not geriatric, guys. Secondly, they show an assortment of pot metal junk, .22LR semi-autos, a Derringer, and a single-shot NEF Handi-Rifle. It's not exactly the world's largest armory by any stretch - but then again, we're also talking about people that aren't eligible to own firearms in the first place.

Right in New York. In the heart of Mayor Bloomberg's gun-free utopia, aging bikers sold firearms along with drugs to anyone with the cash to buy them. Remind me, again, what gun control laws would have stopped this? Considering the sheer number of laws broken in this endeavor, what's another 5 laws to break? 10? How many more laws should we pass - only to be ignored - before we finally admit it's not the guns that are the problem here?

And Stretch had a great point - the real shame is that Dan Wesson Pistol Pac is probably going to be melted down to "keep it off the street"...

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Two years and that's all they got? Uh, why does this look like the NYPD brought in fired TSA Agents?

And where's all those crates of AK-47 that Bloomburg and MAIG SWEAR come from Virginia?

Mule Breath said...

"51 is not geriatric"

Neither is 61, thank you very much.

"we're also talking about people that aren't eligible to own firearms in the first place."

Precisely. A point that for some reasons goes unnoticed in the anti-2A rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Pop-pops of Anarchy!

40 is apogee, 50 is re-entry.