Friday, October 19, 2012

Barron's On A Roll!

This is the third DGC addition he's sent in this week. Thanks Barron!

1 Dead After East Side Home Invasion
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Columbus police said that one person was dead out of an east side home invasion Wednesday afternoon.
According to police, someone inside of a home, located in the 3000 block of Easthaven Drive South, shot and killed a 20-year-old who broke into the home at about 2 p.m.
What's even scarier is that someone in that neighborhood was robbed at gunpoint earlier in the day - and police don't believe the two incidents are related... I would imagine that with a time of 2 PM in the afternoon they thought the house would be unoccupied - but they were wrong. It's sad that a 20 year old lost their life; certainly; it's entirely possible this was a "hey this door's open what can I grab to pawn to support my drug/WoW/Zumba habit" - or it could just as easily have been a "I'm going to take whatever I want and kill anyone that gets in my way".

They take the chance when they kick in the door. They break into the house - they make that decision. The homeowner is simply protecting their own life - they have no idea if the person coming into their home illegally is a confused college kid, a deranged lunatic, or a gang member looking to make a name for themselves. Someone busts down the door to your house, you've got to assume the worst and prepare for it accordingly...

Because I'd rather post a DGC than a story like that of the Zantops...

Dead Goblin Count: 335

That is all.

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Ed said...

And the Brady Bunch will treat the death of the 20 year old as another death of a child by a gun.