Monday, October 15, 2012

Around the Blogosphere...

Had a bunch of disjointed links I wanted to toss out, so here goes:

Kathy Jackson (of Cornered Cat fame, but you knew that) is blogging now. Yay!

Matthew has some excellent thoughts on the lowly .22LR as a defensive arm. I'd take Matthew armed with a Colt Woodsman over a lot of other folks armed with a .45.

Robb Allen, the Pantless Wonder, turns 40 today. Go wish him a Happy Pantless Birthday.

Through Firehand, we hear of Adaptive Curmudgeon's adventures with predators (read in order, from left to right). CAUTION: Level III Beverage Alert in full effect. I read this in Friendly's on my iPhone while having dinner with my daughter. Fortunately I managed to avoid getting any of my soda on the poor girl...

Matt G. (no relation) has a take on our mutual time in Colorado that is spot-on. I suck for many of the same reasons, but not the 50 BMG one. I took a grand total of 41 pictures, and a handful of video - this is literally an order of magnitude less than what I normally take a blog outing. There were two reasons for this: First and foremost, I was having too much damned fun to mess around with a camera. There were a lot of funny, smart, interesting-as-hell people in CO, and I wasn't going to waste precious jaw time holding a shutter to my eyeball. Secondly, there are a number of folks that do not wish their countenances to be displayed online. I can understand this; I don't feel that way but I know others do and I respect it, and the best way to not inadvertantly display someone else's mug is to not take the picture in the first place. My mind's eye is the best camera, anyways...

#1 Blogdaughter has some seriously awesome skills. Go check out her Uber Project - saying that it is impressive does not do it justice by any means.

Anyhoo, go, read, enjoy!

That is all.

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BGMiller said...

Thanks for the Beverage Alert.
I put the tea glass aside and saved my monitor.

So much WIN in that story it hurts.