Monday, October 15, 2012

And The Winners Are...

Okay, I finally got around to picking the winners of the six fabulous prizes in my Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising effort. It was difficult - I had nearly 130 unique donors, many of which spread their tickets out over multiple prizes. I had originally intended to print out everyone's name and put each slip into a hat; the size and complexity of the drawings made that a moot point.

Instead, I went prize-by-prize and assigned every donor a unique number totaling up to the total number of "tickets" for that prize. If you donated $10 and had one ticket, you got number 1. If you donated $50 and put in 5 tickets, you got 2 through 7, etc. I then fed the total number of tickets into the random number generator at and matched the number they came up with to the donor holding that number.

In order, here are the winners:

1. The custom bowie knife from Michael W.: TheAxe.

2. The handmade Jayne hat courtesy of Nancy R.: Lupis42.

3. The one-of-a-kind custom MHI-themed sporran courtesy of Dragon Leatherworks: Tim R.

4. The York Arms AR-15 lower: Glenn B.

5. The much-coveted MHI Mega package including red-shirting from Larry Correia: Jumblerant.

6. The custom 1911 grips courtesy of Rimfire Designs: Skidmark.

(all winners were contacted last night; this is the "official" notice so folks will know who to envy...)

Thanks again to everyone who donated and to the generous folks above who offered their time and energy in the form of prizes. Through MArooned you donated over $6,500 to cancer research - not too bad for a shaved head biker lookin' dude in a skirt. I very nearly tripled what I donated last year, and I hope to have a similar increase next year (I'd love to see over $10K next year) - but I'm going to have to work pretty darn hard to top the six awesome prizes I had available as incentives this year.

Once more, with feeling, to everyone: THANK YOU!

That is all.


Mopsr said...


Dave H said...

Congratulations everybody, and thanks for helping out a worthy cause.

Craig M. said...

Awesome job, Jay.

PISSED said...

Congrats to all the winners!

Glenn B said...

Holy cow, I won something!!! I had best check tha mega-millions ticket in my wallet.

Now perhaps, I'll have to spend about what, $700 to $900 to get an AR built around it!

That has me wondering, could I build one myself? Is it difficult -does it require gunsmithing know how and experience or can any klutz like me do it? If there is n drilling and fitting of parts, maybe I will try it. Have to think this over.

By the way, Jay - I never received a notification email last night. What exactly do I need to do to claim the prize and to whom do I speak about the possibility of having an AR built around it

Thanks a million,
Glenn B

Jay G said...


Just sent another e-mail to a different account. Please let me know if/when you receive it.

Andie said...

Congrats to the winners, and to you, Jay, for a job well done! Look forward to next year. ;)

TheAxe said...


Daniel in Brookline said...

Congrats to everybody... and thanks to our gracious host for throwing the party!

Ya done a good thing, Jay... and you made it fun for a lot of us. Many, many thanks.

instinct said...

So what grips did the winner take?? Enquiring minds want to know

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Please allow me a little trash-talking. I hope you do see a proportional increase to next year. That would put you at almost $20,000! If I can pull off the same goal, seeing as how I went from $60 last year to $2,263 this year... Well, that puts me at a little over $80,000. Yeah. That seems like a reasonable goal. :P