Monday, October 1, 2012

And The Results Are In...

...well, by this time you've seen who the winner is in the 2012 Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraising challenge. Obviously I'm happy to have won, but I want to give a shout-out to Michael and Stingray for a seriously butt-kicking competition. Both of these fine gentlemen really went the distance to raise money as well, and they busted their butts to raise money for cancer research. Great job, guys!!!

First off, let me extend a hearty THANK YOU to everyone that donated. I am positively gobsmacked by the generosity shown by my readers, lurkers, commenters, and passers-by. By my reckoning, over $6,500 was donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation and LiveStrong through MArooned - that's nothing short of amazing. I'll say it again, gunnies are the greatest people. Thank you all.

Secondly, I want to extend another hearty THANK YOU to the six people that donated their time and energy into making prizes available for me to give away. Michael W., Nancy R., Dennis, Wally, Larry, and Mark, I can't thank you enough for the awesome prizes you made available. I very nearly tripled my total donation from last year, and I owe it all to the six of you, no question about it.

Lastly, one more reminder: To the folks that donated but did not send me an e-mail, I can't allocate your ticket until I hear directly from you. Please let me know the name you donated under, the amount, and where you would like your ticket or tickets allocated - send an e-mail to as soon as possible, please. I was hoping to draw the winners this week, but I'm going to give a few more days for folks to get back to me. I've got over fifty donors still unaccounted for, and I want to get as many tickets as possible allocated. I'll draw winners when I return from Colorado after Columbus Day.

Thanks again to everyone for an awesome Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser, and we'll be kilted again in September 2013!

That is all.


Dave H said...

Congratulations Jay. Hard work still pays off.

Do you get a tiara to wear with the kilt now? (grin)

threecollie said...


Andie said...

Wahoo and CONGRATS on your successful raising of awareness and funds!

Glenn B said...

Great job, great teamwork, all for a worthy cause!

Lissa said...

Awesome job, Jay!! ... but are you really gonna lose the mustache?? :-/