Thursday, October 18, 2012

And Another One!

Both Bob S. and Barron sent in this addition.

Woman shoots at 2 home invaders, kills 1
Dallas police say a woman in south Dallas shot and killed one home intruder and possibly injured another late Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened in the 7200 block of Concordia, near the intersection of Camp Wisdom and Houston School Roads.
I dunno, but it sure seems like breaking into a house in Texas would be a severely career-limiting move for a goblin. Barron's link indicates that the father of the woman who did the shooting was concerned for his daughter's safety after a string of home invasions. He did the responsible dad thing: He got his little girl a gun and taught her how to shoot. You go dad!

Given that one of the goblins was armed with his own gun, it's quite likely that Dad saved his daughter's life...

Dead Goblin Count: 334

That is all.

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Ken O said...

These stories never tell you if the homeowner used a Marlin .22 or a .460 S&W. Inquiring minds want to know. Have you noticed that the type of arm used is only mentioned when the media plans to make a circus of the event?