Monday, October 22, 2012

Addin' Another One...

From the BLNN, right in their base of operations, comes the latest addition:

Man shoots and kills burglar in his Elyria home
ELYRIA, Ohio — An Elyria homeowner fatally wounded an intruder early Friday morning in a case that police say reflects growing concern about burglaries plaguing the city and some other Lorain County communities.

Investigators declined to identify the shooter but said the burglary was the second at his Water Street home in as many days and brings the city's burglary total to at least 50 in the last seven weeks.
The real shocker in this story was this quote:
"As unfortunate as this is, we hope it would discourage anyone who was considering breaking into a home," said police Lt. Andy Eichenlaub.

Yikes. When even the cops are saying, hey, don't break into houses or you might get yourself shot, that's something right there. Generally, there's a standard response from the police about it being safer not to resist, yadda yadda yadd; this time, though, they went right for the obvious: Mess with folks in their homes, you may just die.

This is change I can believe in...

Dead Goblin Count: 337

That is all.

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