Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yeah, About the Prize Raffle...

Folks, I can't thank everyone enough for the incredible generosity you've shown in the 2012 Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser. Y'all have opened your wallets to a great cause, and those of you who have donated through me are all eligible for entry in my prize giveaway.

Just to reiterate: you get a virtual "ticket" for every $10 you donate. Each "ticket" goes towards one of the six prizes - donate more than $10, get more than one ticket, have a greater chance of winning one prize or spread across multiple prizes. Imagine each prize as having a bucket in front of it - you tell me which "bucket" you want your "ticket" to go into. At the conclusion of the contest (more than likely once I get back from CO), I'll hold a virtual drawing and announce the winners.

Now, yesterday Larry was kind enough to link this contest, and we saw a *huge* influx of donations. Thank you to everyone who donated. However, it is crucially important for everyone who donated to send me an e-mail (stuckinmassachusetts at and tell me where your ticket should go.

Please do not assume that because you donated after reading Larry's post that I will know you want the MHI package as your ticket choice. Please send me an e-mail telling me who you are (whatever name is on your donation) and which bucket into which you would like your ticket placed. Right now over 100 people have donated through MArooned, and I have less than half of all tickets allocated.

Please, please, please; if you haven't sent me an e-mail telling me where to put your tickets, send me an e-mail ASAP.

That is all.


ZerCool said...

Oh, those un-allocated tickets were me. Just split them all evenly amongst the prize bins. ;-)

Glenn B said...


Please let me know if you received my email for chance/prize allocation. I sent it to you a couple or few days ago and did not get a reply. I have been having problems sending and receiving email for awhile now, not all seeem to be getting through either sending or receiving.

Glenn B

Daniel in Brookline said...


I suspect Jay is busy (keeping his kilt from flapping up in an overly revealing way, no doubt). I too sent him an e-mail, informing him of my donation and telling him which prize(s) I'd be winning, but I haven't heard back yet.

Hmm -- I think next year, I'll ask Jay to try for a Marilyn Monroe standing-over-the-air-grate photo, with bonus points if he does it with a blonde MM wig (and the mustache, of course). I'd donate some cash for that!