Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two Days, Two Additions...

Steve in TN and Scott both sent in today's DGC addition:

Sheriff: 92-Year-Old Shoots, Kills Robber
VERONA, Ky. (AP) -- Sheriff's officials in northern Kentucky say a 92-year-old man shot and killed a would-be robber breaking into his home overnight.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office says Earl Jones of Vernoa told investigators that he heard a noise in his basement at 2:10 a.m. EDT Monday and picked up a .22 caliber rifle. The sheriff's department told The Kentucky Enquirer the intruder walked up the stairs to the first floor, where Jones shot the man.

Okay, let's go over this again, shall we? 92 years old. Multiple assailants. From another story, we learn that he had been targeted multiple times previous for burglaries. Now, in the Brady Nerf™ world, he'd have to suck up and deal and hope that the four younger men were content with just stealing his stuff - because one 92 year old man against four men in their 20s? I don't care how badass you are, those are lousy odds.

However, we are tool-using monkeys, and one of the tools that we have at our disposal to level the playing field here is the firearm. One 92 year old man can successfully defend himself against four adversaries using a tool that allows him to project force at greater than contact distance with more force instantly available. He doesn't have to be strong or fast to wield this force, either.

That's the beauty of having a firearm available - the old or weak are not at the mercy of the young or the strong.

Dead Goblin Count: 322

That is all.


Ross said...

Two interesting points to take away from that article:

"He is not happy that police took the rifle used in the shooting.

“How am I going to protect myself if they come back looking for revenge?” he said."

The guy admitted he shot him, they're not charging him (yet)... but the cops still stole his rifle. Excuse me, "seized" his rifle.

"Jones didn’t like how deputies treated him. “They stood down there with their guns on me, yelling, `Get your hands up! Get your hands up!’” he said. “I told them, `I’m not putting my damn hands up.’”"

Again... the aggrieved party gets treated like the criminal.

No wonder people are trusting cops less these days.

Ken O said...

Respect for your elders- think those boys learned it?

PA State Cop said...

Give me an addy, Got an old Glenfield I can send him. Or a 7.62 X39 Carbine if'n he wants. ;)