Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time For Another Round of "Imagine If"...

Today's "Imagine If": Imagine if the head of the Texas GOP made a statement that [Democrat candidate X who is male] was an "honorary girl" for folding laundry. Think there'd be an outcry?

Dem chair apologizes for calling Scott Brown a ‘girl’
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh scrambled to apologize this afternoon hours after a convention kickoff gaffe this morning when he said U.S. Sen. Scott Brown was trying to be an “honorary girl” by folding laundry.

“In the excitement of getting the convention underway and getting the message out about how important it is to re-elect President Obama and elect Elizabeth Warren, I made a statement about Scott Brown that I regret. I apologize for that remark,” said Walsh in a statement.
Fauxcahontas has been using Todd Akin's stupid comments about rape to imply that - should Scott Brown be re-elected - the GOP will immediately overturn Roe vs. Wade and outlaw abortion, etc. IOW, she's not above using the same tired "TEH GOP HATES WIMMINS" bulls**t. The silence from her campaign is deafening - but then again, given her "record", why would they say anything? She's done nothing but lie through her teeth and let the lapdog media attack for her so far, and it's working - although it's hard to define "being down by 5%" as working, especially in MA...

Walsh's comments, though, deserve further scrutiny. The DNC in general (and Taxagawea specifically) have been pushing the "GOP WAR ON WOMEN" angle even more so this campaign cycle, and then Walsh comes out with this line. Is this really what the head of the MA DNC believes? Doing laundry is women's work? That there's even such a thing, in this day and age, as "men's work" or "women's work"? Really? How positively enlightened of you, Mr. Walsh.

There's no standards like double standards, I guess. The GOP doesn't want private companies - like Catholic organizations who have a philosophical problem with it - to be forced to provide contraceptive/abortion related services, so they're anti-women. Not that they prefer not to use men with guns to force organizations to do something that goes against their values, mind you. Yet the head of the Democratic party in one of the blue-est of blue states claims that doing laundry is women's work - one of the oldest misogynist stereotypes going - and there's a big collective yawn.

No wonder y'all have Joe Biden as the intellect of the party.

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Well said Jay, and I keep tellin ya, move to America! :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

The Democrats are pushing the old Propaganda that the Republican Party would IMMEDIATELY ban Abortion, overturn the 19th Amendment, and place all females into Burkhas.

Yeah, like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Kim Rhode, Condelissa Rice, et.al. would jump on that Bandwagon.

Little fact that is kinda buried in the news. Guess who's NOT, repeat NOT going to the Re-Anointment Circus the week? Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sounds like she see's an Iceberg up ahead and is standing by a Lifeboat, braced for Impact, while the rest of the Admin is sucking down Adult Beverages in the Ballroom.

Anonymous said...

What a choice we voters in Missouri have for our Senate seat this year: a challenger who apparently doesn't know anything about rape...versus an incumbent who can be considered an expert on the subject, seeing as how she helped Obama shaft the middle class with ObamaCare and a host of other atrocious spending and tax policies.

(Yes, if Akin is still the (R) nominee on the ballot, I'll still vote for the moron. Claire McCaskill has just got to go. And she should be tarred and feathered on her way out the door.

And if the Senate could survive forty years of Joe Big F'n Biden, one term of Todd Akin isn't all that much of a much.)

--Wes S.