Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Ref Thing Is Getting Out of Hand...

TheBoy pontificates on the recent spate of, err, controversial calls made by the replacement refs this NFL season:

He is passionate about sports - I could see him doing a sportscaster gig someday - and he's been fired up about the recent spate of, shall we say, less than agreeable calls. He's been such a great sport about helping me with KTKC, when he asked if he could make another sports video, I was happy to oblige. So please, watch my son gesticulating wildly and pontificate about football a bit.

Not that we G. men have strong opinions on things or anything...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

As a long time Packer fan, (since Vince Lombardi), but who lives in the Northwest and roots for the Seahawks sometimes, (not this year, they ticked my off by allowing TO to even wear a uniform!), I have to point out that the Boy's description of Jennings catch is a little skewed.

The Seahawk receiver had is left arm inside the circle of Jennings arms, against Jennings chest, under the ball, and his right hand on the ball. That makes the possession issue very disputable, so I wouldn't want to use that argument.

The real error was the missed pass interference on the offensive receiver PRIOR to the catch.

OK, all that said, Seahawks fans would be happy to give this game back to Green Bay. Just give them back the Superbowl they won when Rothlisberger DIDN'T score a TD in the Superbowl!

Unfortunately, missed calls are part of the grandeur of football, at least this one didn't cost Green Bay a playoff game or worse.

There have been worse calls by regular refs in bigger games.


TheAxe said...

It's like a freaking circus with the replacements.

Cormac said...

Upon further review, the runner didn't touch 2nd base.
Touchdown Celtics.

Weer'd Beard said...

Kid has talent! I probably haven't watched a football game since before he was born, but I watched his whole talk and was interested!

That's saying something!