Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This Is Justice?

Les sent this in, figuring it would peg the Rage-o-meter. Sadly, this sort of thing is hardly surprising any more.

Sandusky police prepare murder charges; suspect in custody
Police have arrested Curtis Clinton, 41, of Sandusky, on charges of aggravated murder in relation to the death of Heather Jackson, 23, and her two young children.

Clinton got out of prison in February after serving 13 years for involuntary manslaughter. According to records, Clinton pleaded guilty to the charges related to the death Misty Keckler, 18, in April 1997. She was strangled to death in a Fostoria mobile home.
How the bloody hell do you involuntarily strangle someone to death? Why did he only serve 13 years? Another story pointed out that this was the maximum sentence he could receive for involuntary - but why the bloody hell was that the best charge? Granted, some of this is after the fact - he wasted no time in returning to a life of depravity and violence - but if he'd been put away on a second degree murder conviction he might still be in jail.

Now, Les or Breda might know better, but does OH have the death penalty? More importantly, do they *use* it? Here's a case where - if he's found guilty - he should swing - this is someone that, *WHEN* he is released again, and he will be, he will kill again - he's already proven that. Why leave it to chance that the justice system will fail us AGAIN?

Carry your guns, people. Monsters exist outside of Larry Correia's universe. They just take more mundane forms. Fortunately, regular ol' hollow points work just fine; no need for silver when dealing with common monsters.

I just wish her brother had gotten to him first - I'd contribute to his legal defense fund in a heartbeat.

That is all.


Chris Byrne said...

The first one was probably a rough sex/domestic abuse case; and they couldn't prove intent, so rather than take a risk on overcharging and losing at trial, they offered him a plea on involuntary.

Dave H said...

Ohio does use capital punishment. Their last execution was in April.

DarrenS said...

As stated above, we do have the death penalty in Ohio and it does get fulfilled on a fairly regular basis (several times annually).

Anonymous said...

Misty Keckler was found dead in a bathtub with her arms & legs bound....there's no mistake about what that shows and I cannot see how that was pleaded down to involuntary manslaughter! The fact that she was bound before being strangled should have made the case pretty clear to any jury. Had this violent man been properly charged, the murders in Sandusky would not have happened.

wolfwalker said...

Yes, Ohio has a death penalty. Unfortunately, it (like all extant death-penalty statutes) applies only to a handful of charges - premeditated murder, murder of an LEO, intentional killing during commission of a felony, stuff like that. The rest of Ohio's murder statute (you can see it here: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2903) is a somewhat incoherent mish-mash of crimes and definitions, as befits a state that can't make up its mind whether it's Bible Belt, Northeastern liberal, or practical-conservative. I can't see how they got 'involuntary manslaughter' out of 'strangled his girlfriend,' but I smell a plea-bargain.