Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Talk About Timely...

Huh. Brad_in_MA sends this interesting - and topical - story along.

New Drug For Prostate Cancer Gets F.D.A. Nod
The Food and Drug Administration approved a new life-prolonging drug for men with late-stage prostate cancer on Friday, adding to an increasingly crowded field.
The new drug, which will be called Xtandi, was developed by Medivation, a small San Francisco pharmaceutical company, in partnership with the Japanese firm Astellas Pharma.
Good news on the prostate cancer front, as we have yet another tool in the toolbox for combatting the cancer. There's mention of other drugs used to combat prostate cancer; this new drug will assist in cases where existing treatments do not work.
What I found interesting was this little tidbit:
There are expected to be about 241,000 new cases of prostate cancer this year in the United States and about 28,000 deaths.
That's not much less than the 39,000 deaths from breast cancer. Yet the pink ribbon is ubiquitous, whereas the blue kilt, well, not so much. Hence why even shaved head biker dudes of Italian extraction are wearing kilts in September. Raising awareness and all that.

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That is all.


eiaftinfo said...

Maybe a different symbol . . . like a blue walnut?? :)

Dave H said...

The pink ribbon has had some powerful marketing behind it. (The Susan G. Komen Foundation, namely.) Also, the target of that particular disease has, um, higher visibility.

UGA Wino said...

I really wish the NFL would get behind a cancer that affects men such as prostate cancer.

No offense to women, but like you said, the pink ribbon is ubiquitous. Seems like there's a 5K run, radio ad or billboard everywhere you turn advertising breast cancer awareness.