Thursday, September 13, 2012

Same Squirrel Time, Same Squirrel Channel...

After taking last week off to go meet with Larry Correia (yes, I am name-dropping *and* squeeing at the same time), I'll be back on The Squirrel Report tonight promptly at 9:00 PM EST (the only time zone that matters...)

Our topics will include the incidents in the Middle East, the racism inherent in PBJs, and "tin ears" in the gunnie community. Our call in question will be about wild weather you've experienced - since Weerd just survived an earthquake!

Join us at 9:00 PM EST for another exciting episode of The Squirrel Report!

That is all.


Dave H said...

9:00 PM EST (the only time zone that matters...)

Except the rest of us right-coasters are on EDT, so we'll all be there an hour early wondering where you are.

Glenn B said...

The only time that matters is time for a cold one at the peak of refreshing coldness. I think my Franziskaner Weissbiers should be ready right about 1 minute before tonight's Squirrel Report begins, give or take a couple of seconds. It is all in the timing.

Hoping to hear all of you squirrels soon.

Later 4 U,
Glenn B