Thursday, September 27, 2012

Running Up the Count...

The Big Guy sends in the latest addition to the count:

Homeowner Kills Intruder During Home Invasion
RAPID CITY, SD - A North Rapid City neighborhood is in shock after an early morning shooting. Police say it happened during a home invasion where the home owner shot and killed the intruder shortly before 5 a.m.

When police arrived they found at 21-year old Dallas Two Bulls' body. He was shot three times by a homeowner acting in self defense.
69 years old and he was attacked and beaten by a man a third his age. The anti-freedom forces would have rather he been beaten to death than he be able to save himself using the best tools possible. They'd rather a guy born during WWII take on a guy born after the first Gulf War using nothing but his bare hands.

I'm sorry, but that's just insane. 

We have the ability to make and use tools for a reason. We would still be living in caves hiding from, well, the rest of the animal kingdom if not for that ability. When those among us decide that they don't want to abide by the rules, we can and should use the best tools possible to prevent harm to us and ours. We shouldn't handicap ourselves because a tiny subset of the tool-using population misuses those tools.

Dead Goblin Count: 327

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

I know of a Korean War Vet who, since he got old, downsized to the .327 Federal. When I asked him why, he said he like the idea of still being able to defend himself in spite of his losing hand strength as he ages. He then said that when he gets too old for that level of recoil, he's got some .22s stashed. And when he gets too old for that, well he'll be in the Nursing Home or the Grave. Smart Man.

Don't Mess with the Elderly.