Friday, September 14, 2012

Raise Your Hand If This Surprises You...

...because if this does surprise you, then I've got such a deal on some oceanfront property in Arizona to talk to you about...

Norton state trooper cleared in hunting accident
NORTON, Mass. (WHDH) -- A state trooper who accidentally shot his neighbor in Norton last year was cleared of any wrong doing, but that is not sitting well with the victim.

Cheryl Blair is still recovering from injuries she sustained in the shooting.
Not only was he cleared of any wrongdoing, he kept his hunting license. Now look. If that had been you or I, as a MA resident, I guarantee you that we would lose our permits. More than likely we'd be charged with a crime, like reckless endangerment or some other sufficiently generic term. We'd spend thousands of dollars defending ourselves, and probably wind up taking a plea bargain to avoid serious jail time.

But this guy, because he's a MA state cop, didn't even lose his hunting license.

Yeah, I know, I had to say it again. That's because this is just so incredibly brazen that I can't fully comprehend it. This is the height of the thin blue line here, folks - he screwed up, plain and simple. He was not sure of his target and what was behind it when he pulled the trigger, and a woman suffered grievous and long-lasting injury because of his carelessness.

And he walked away, scot-free, because he has a badge - talk about "only one syndrome"...

That is all.

Thanks to PISSED for sending this one in.

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Anonymous said...

So hunt the guy's patrol route and "accidentally" discharge one between his eyes.

At some point, folks have got to move beyond pissing and moaning about this stuff. Probably a .45ACP at 1100fps tap to the forehead is a bit much. If so, consider the Declaration of Independence. How long do you put up with the long train of abuses?

btw - it may better to deal pointedely with the mooks who gave him the pass, rather than him.