Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prizes! We Got Prizes!

As you probably realize from the plethora of kilt-centric posts lately, we are in the midst of the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising effort. As we did last September, a group of EMS- and gunbloggers are banding together, donning kilts, and raising awareness of male-specific cancers as well as collecting donations for organizations that help fund cancer research and initiatives. There are three really great prize packages for the top three fundraisers, with the top fundraiser getting first dibs.

Folks, I really want first dibs.

Last year's fundraiser absolutely floored me. Together we raised over $12,000 in a month, with little resources and a slow start - and this year we're setting our sights higher. $38,000 higher, to be specific - we want to raise at least $50K this year. I want to exceed that goal. To that end, I realized something - everyone knows where the money is going; it's up to me to convince you to donate through me.

Well, fortunately (for me, and you, really), I have the most amazing group of friends on the planet. I have some absolutely amazing prizes to offer, and I'm going to run a raffle similar to what Carteach0 did last year for his Wounded Warrior fundraiser. For every $10 that is donated to PCF or LiveStrong on my behalf, the donor will receive one "ticket" good towards any one of the prize packages. On October 1st, each prize package will have one "ticket" pulled and a winner selected.

What I'll need donors to do is to e-mail me a copy of your confirmation (so that I know how many "tickets" to assign) and tell me which prize package or packages you would like your tickets to go towards. There are five prize packages available:

Prize Package One

Courtesy of Michael W. is this stunning creation:

It's a handmade coffin-handled, damascus-steel blade bowie knife. I should have included a ruler for scale, but the blade is 8" long (and sharp) and it has an overall length just shy of 14". The picture does not do it justice - this knife is stunning. If "Dr. Mike" hadn't made me one of my own for my 40th birthday this one would be extremely hard to give up - as it is it's still pretty darn hard to see it go...

Prize Package Two

Courtesy of #1 blogdaughter Nancy is one of these:

The winner of this prize package will receive their very own Jayne hat, made famous by Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb on "Firefly". And made infamous by me:


I will put the winner in contact with Nancy so that she can get your head size and begin construction of your very own cunning hat.

Prize Package Three

This one comes to us from Dragon Leatherworks. When Dennis heard that I would again be participating in the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser, he had a fantastic idea - he would build a custom sporran for me to use and then raffle off at the end. This sounded like a great idea, right up until he sent me pictures of it:

That's the full-on view, and yes, that is the Monster Hunter logo. Here's the top:

When I saw the pictures and realized just how beautiful this turned out (not that there was ever any doubt, it's just that hearing about it and actually seeing it are two different things), my heart sank - because I'll have to give it away. I don't want to, but a deal's a deal - and boy, whoever wins this is getting a one-of-a-kind unique item.

Oh, and it's set up inside with a holster for a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380...

Prize Package Four

York Arms has graciously donated a stripped AR-15 lower to the (legally eligible, of course) winner of Prize Package Four:

Note: This lower is not the prize, but a sample of what York Arms can do. Wally will do custom serial numbers, caliber markings, and Safe/Fire selector markings as well as magwell engraving as part of this prize package. This would be a tough one to pass along as well if I didn't already have two York Arms lowers... Please note that this is a firearm and will have to be transferred to an FFL.

Prize Package Five

As you may or may not know, but the creative genius behind Monster Hunter, Larry Correia, will be in my neck of the woods this week signing copies of his latest novel, Monster Hunter Legion which is out this week (BUY IT! BUY IT NOW). I will donate my own signed copy - and, if time and supplies allow, signed copies of MHI, MHV, and MHA as well - to Prize Package Five. At the very least I can deliver MHI signed and MHL signed; hopefully I will be able to purchase all four books and have Larry sign all four. I will confirm how many signed books are in this package on Friday and update this accordingly.

So, there you have it. Five fabulous prize packages, all up for grabs. I cannot thank Michael, Nancy, Dennis, and Wally enough for offering these items - and their time - up for this giveaway. You can't win if you don't enter, and you can't enter if you don't donate:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


And if you've already donated, thank you - and you can increase your chances of winning by donating again!

That is all.


Dirt Sailor said...

Awesome, Jay. Any idea if Wally would be willing to upgrade that to an AR-10 for a fee?

Daniel in Brookline said...

Hey Jay,

Good stuff, for a noble cause... and granted, the threat of seeing your hairy legs is quite the inducement.

One question - may one make a contribution earmarked for one or more prizes, rather than for the general pool?

Jay G said...

Dirt Sailor,

No dice on the AR-10. You can always use another AR-15, right? :)


You specify which of the prize packages you want your ticket to go towards.

Example: You donate $50. You can put one ticket towards each package; all five tickets towards package 1; or two tickets to package 2 and three tickets to package 5. Or any combination you'd like.

The more you donate, the more tickets you get... :D