Monday, September 17, 2012

One Very Lucky Young Man...

Wow. Someone's guardian angel is working overtime...

Fitchburg High School Football Player Recovering From Broken Neck
FITCHBURG (CBS) – A Fitchburg High School senior is expected to make a full recovery after breaking his neck during a football game.

Trey Mahone, a cornerback, broke his C1 vertebrae during the first quarter of Friday night’s game at Crocker Field.
You don't normally hear the words "football player", "broken neck" and "full recovery without surgery" in the same sentence. This very lucky young man appears to be one of the few outliers, and he and his family are not shy about calling this a miracle. I'm inclined to agree, and I'll be keeping Trey in my thoughts and prayers, hoping that he will indeed make a full recovery and be back on the playing field.

As the parent of a young man who has played football, I saw the headline and feared the absolute worst when I read it. TheBoy took a hit during practice that put him out of commission for a couple games, and there is no more sickening feeling for a parent than seeing your kid lying on the field. I have no idea how parents of sick kids handle it, I really don't. Sports-related injuries among middle- and high school kids are infrequent, which is good, but for the parents of the ones that do get hurt, it's nerve wracking.

I like the way this story is turning out a lot better...

That is all.

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Dave H said...

That's either a very lucky young man, or a very blessed one.

Dad broke a vertebra in his neck when he was about 12. (He slipped and fell off of a coal pile. I suspect his brother pushed him because Dad had just thrown a shovel at him.) He spent a number of weeks in traction but made a full recovery. Considering they didn't know as much about neck injuries back then as they do now, it's a wonder he didn't die or end up paralyzed on the way to the hospital.