Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Odd Gun Reviews: PMR-30

Not that the review is odd, but the gun sure is!

Erin reviews the Kel-Tec PMR-30.

As odd a duck as I think the PMR-30 is, I think it's a helluva lot smarter idea than the FN 5-7. Similar ballistics, cheaper and more readily available ammunition, and 10 more rounds - not to mention the PMR-30 is less than half the price of the FN. I'm not really sold on the idea, but I will readily admit my bias - in order for me to get my hands on one, I would have to work my way around the Approved Firearms Roster {spit} *and* live with a neutered 10 round magazine.

A PMR-30 with a 10 round magazine is like a Corvette with an iron duke 2.5L...

Go, take a read. Erin's done a good job of covering the basics on the PMR-30, and promises to have more "hands-on" evaluation down the road. I've got a handful of reviews I need to get to (stay tuned for a big bore review tomorrow!), and I hope to have some new firearms coming in for review in the coming weeks and months. In the interim, go read Erin's take on the PMR-30.

Nice job, Erin!

That is all.


Bob S. said...

I blame you Jay. This is all your fault.

I will probably lose a.) my marriage, b.) my sanity, c.) my life savings, or d.) all of the above because of you.

Yep, this is all your fault.

I read of the blogshoot here and just had to do one in Texas. And get to shoot all sorts of cool firearms.

Like DanielS' PMR-30.
And now I have a serious case of want!

It was a sweet shooting pistol. No recoil, fiber optic sights bright on an overcast day and FUN.

Mopar said...

I was lucky enough to try a PMR30 and a FN57 side by side. The PMR30 feels like a toy compared to the five seven. But you know what? I don't care, the Kel-tec was a hoot to shoot. I have zero desire to own the FN, but if a PMR30 ever comes my way I'll be all over it.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Not my first pick, but I'd take one if someone bought one for me.

But I'd still take a 9mm Glock with a few 33 round magazines for the Zombie Apocalypse.

You get to own them in Free States, you know ; ).

Ken O said...

When do we get a 33 round Glock sized stick for the PMR? What'll that hold, like 100 rounds? Serious can ventilating fun right there!

Geodkyt said...

I'd buy the PMR tomorrow if they made a version in .22LR. Only because I have little desire for the .22WMR. (OTH, I have WAY more use for .22WMR than 5.7 EuroPellet.)

Old NFO said...

Meh... looks like he had a few keyholes and I'm NOT impressed with the .22WMR, not a caliber that I really have a use for at all.

Angus McThag said...

The sad thing is keyholing has been an issue since day one. They've even recalled the barrels and giving new ones with tighter rifling. Erin's gun is from after the change over and it STILL keyholes!

Craig said...

Great. Another one I have to own. The thirty round mag would make this ideal for the NYPD by the way.

Ed said...

Never mind the pistols. I want a Keltec RFB rifle:


A 7.62 NATO Bullpup, ambidextrous, forward ejecting rifle that uses 10 or 20 round FAL magazines. The carbine version weighs 8.1 lbs without magazine, has a 18" barrel and is 26" overall length with a practical range of 600 meters. Sweet. I wants.

Gun said...

looking forward for your next update.