Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MArooned Product Review: 5.11 TacLite Pro Pants

(I just liked how that shot came out)

Last month I was contacted by 5.11 about reviewing a couple items, one of which was a pair of their new TacLite Pro pants. Being a big fan of the 5.11 Covert Tactical pants, I readily agreed - in fact, when I opened the e-mail from 5.11, I was wearing a pair of the Covert Tactical khakis!

So a pair of their TacLite Pro Pants showed up, and I've been wearing them all over the place. First off, they've got a ton of pockets up front:

I like the dedicated cellphone pocket on the left - it keeps a main pocket free for larger items as well as keeping a standard smartphone-sized phone snug and secure.There's also a knife (or spare magazine) pocket on the right side, as well as deeeeeep front pockets (I had no trouble with either a J-frame or my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380). The cell phone pocket fit my iPhone well, although if I had one of those monster Droids it might be a tight fit. The knife pocket was sized right for my Kershaw Blur - or a full size 1911 magazine...

There's also plenty of pockets in back:

The rear pockets are slash-cut, which takes a little getting used to if you - like me - are used to standard rear pockets, but they're deep and generous and will also allow for rear pocket carry if you'd like. They have a velcro closure to help secure your wallet, and in keeping with the 5.11 heritage, have a web strap for a carabiner. Here's a closeup of something that I thought was a nice touch:

See? Both the front *and* rear pocket sides have reinforcements for pocket knives/flashlights/etc. that you might clip there. It's a neat little touch, especially since I find it easier to clip my pocket knife in the back pocket than in the front - it separates the knife from the other pocket stuff.

I found the pants to be quite comfortable, easily enough to wear all day at the office (on casual day, mind you; they *are* "tactical" pants after all) or out on the range. There's plenty of pockets to hold all your stuff; a place for everything and everything in its place. The polyester/canvas blend is lightweight and comfortable in the late summer heat; the fabric is treated to be stain resistant (believe you me, this is a very useful feature...); and they just plain wear well - several trips through the washing machine and there's no telling from new. 

5.11 Taclite Pro pants get a hearty MArooned endorsement!

I know, I know - only *I* would review pants during the Kilted to Kick Cancer month...

That is all.


Roger said...

What about those of us that live in a tropical environment?
Here in South Florida, shorts are a virtual requirement. I did not see any in the 5.11 website.

Jay G said...


This same line has shorts: Taclite Shorts


jacob said...

What color are those? Stone?