Friday, September 28, 2012

Make It In Massachusetts...


(image courtesy of Robb Allen)

PISSED sent this in. He's back to his old tricks of trying to raise my blood pressure...

Jim Marzilli nabs $14,000 pension, going for more
Disgraced Democratic ex-Sen. Joseph “Jim” Marzilli Jr. will pocket an annual $14,000 pension because the crimes of accosting four women while on state business in 2008 he admitted to and served time for “were not violations of the laws applicable to his office or position,” retirement officials ruled today.

And Marzilli, 54, of Arlington, isn’t stopping there.
I've blogged about Marzilli before - he's a certified, Grade A creep - and his travails in Massachusetts. This, however, brings the "MA Miracle" to a heretofore unseen new level in WTFery - this guy resigned from office TO GO TO JAIL and he's not only getting a $14K/year pension, but stands to increase that to $26K? He's getting the $14K because he resigned rather than getting beaten, but is appealing on the basis of had he run he'd have been beat, so he should get the higher amount. $26K per year is the tune for which we're going to be on the hook.
For a state senator who left office in disgrace for exposing himself to little old ladies?

This is a new low even for Massachusetts here. I've got an idea - let's put a new 30 round p-mag in is car and drop a call to the local PD. I'll bet that'll get him thrown in the clink for real time, and they won't give him one thin dime once he gets out. It is positively staggering that this man is being rewarded - rather handsomely, it seems, for being a creep, a criminal, and getting his @$$ tossed out of office.

If only he'd committed a serious crime - like, you know, owning a firearm with a bayonet lug...

That is all.


Mr. Penta said...

Would this be aqualung of howie carr fame?

DOuglas2 said...

If, as his family claim, his crimes were committed during a hypomanic episode of bipolar affective disorder, then I don't think I have a problem with this.

Ken O said...

Oh hell no. Don't let him collect so much as social security.