Friday, September 7, 2012

Larry Correia Book Signing and Dinner AAR

Just wanted to toss out a few impressions from the epic meeting and dinner with Larry Correia last night.

First off, I want to reiterate something I noticed last year. It is positively boring walking around in a kilt in Massachusetts. No one - I mean no one - even so much as batted an eye. I was ready - READY - with my whole Kilted to Kick Cancer spiel, and only got to use it once when addressing the group gathered to meet Larry. Even at dinner no one said a word - then again, a shaved head biker looking dude in a skirt, well, who's going to be the one to ask, I suppose...

Second, Larry is an incredibly nice guy. He's got a kung fu death grip and one of the manliest handshakes I've ever experienced - but without trying to grind the bones in my hand to powder. Seriously, his handshake should be studied and emulated as like the perfect "I am an alpha male" handshake. He walks into the area where several dozen uber nerds eager readers have gathered, and you could see his face brightening when he saw the crowd - this was a man who was genuinely glad to see so many people gathered to meet him.

And as a side note, he came right over to me, shakes my hand vigorously with his kung fu death grip, and says "Hey, I know you from the internet!" - I can die a happy man. Also on the "from the internet" deal, there were a handful of folks that recognized me from the blog - now, this is a self-selecting group, I know -  but it never fails to amaze me when I hear "you're Jay G from MArooned!". It's about a millionth of the fame someone like Larry has, I know, but it's still pretty interesting.

He talked a bit about the writing process, the editing process, the collaborations, etc. for about an hour or so, took some questions, shot the s**t, then signed books for a bit. He even posed for pictures! We took him to Legal Seafood for dinner, figuring that a guy in UT doesn't get fresh seafood all that often; plus it was literally across the street (and on the other side of the mall). I was given the responsibility of chaffeuring him to dinner and then back to his hotel, and as we hop in the Dodge Earthf**ker, I couldn't help myself - I turned to Larry and deadpanned "You *do* realize you're getting into a 350 horsepower, three ton vehicle piloted by a guy with a "Road Rage" category on his blog, right?"

Larry has a hearty laugh. Either that or he's really good at concealing raw, naked terror...

Dinner was awesome - the food was good, not the best I've had but certainly decent considering that we got there quite late (after 9 and they close at 10) - but the company was fantastic. SCI-FI and the Mrs., Ross and Shootin' Buddy, Christina, TJIC and Jennifer were all there as well as several other folks that showed up for the signing. We ate dinner, listened to Larry talk about tacos and all you can eat buffets, and before you knew it the very patient staff had gathered around our table at ~ 10:30 to very politely insinuate that we should GET THE HELL OUT. (They were very polite and professional about it, mind you; it's that the vibe is unmistakeable).

I'll be unveiling some upgrades to the Monster Hunter Prize Package on Monday. Stay tuned, because this is pretty damned awesome. I wasn't able to get MHI/MHV/MHA signed - B&N was out of them - but Larry will help out and I should have all four books signed for the Prize Package. There will be two additions to the package rolled out Monday, and believe me when I say that one of them is FREAKING AWESOME. Trust me on this one - it rocks!

Anyways, I want to thank Larry for hanging out with a group of rabid enthusiastic Monster Hunter fans. He is gracious, engaging, a great storyteller (I put him on a par with Ambulance Driver, and that is high praise indeed), and an all-around nice guy. Just keep him away from your tacos and you'll be fine. I want to thank everyone that came out to dinner with us - what a great group of people - and specifically "Tim" (never caught his last name) who handed over an autographed poster of Larry (one of the B&N "Meet the Author" posters) after hearing why I was wearing the kilt.

See you next time you're in Boston!

That is all.


Andie said...

Thanks for the share, Jay, and wish I could have been there. Sounds like a great time and I look forward to the details of your prize package additions!

MSgt B said...

You lucky bastard.

Paul, Dammit! said...

So I missed the gungeek event of the quarter, a chance to meet a gen-u-wine celebrity author, and I didn't even get the house I wanted (which was why I missed the signing). 0/10.

Mopar said...

Yeah, I really wanted to go, but that end of MA is just too far for a weeknight.I wouldnt have been home before 1:30-2am, which is rough when I needed to be back at work around 6am. I'm pretty sure Cheryl was even more disapointed then I was.