Saturday, September 29, 2012

KTKC Prize Spotlight: Rimfire Design 1911 Grips

Well folks, there's just two days left in the 2012  Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising challenge (of course, you are invited to donate year-round, but our contest ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM). Today is the last Prize Spotlight, and just like the rest of the prizes, it's a gorgeous, American-made product:

KTKC Prize Package Number Six: Rimfire Designs 1911 Grips

You have your choice of wood:




And, because I find it easier to visualize, here they are on a stainless 1911:


Mark from Rimfire Designs offered up one of the two grips for the giveaway (the other will be for a review once I return from Colorado). He had contacted me earlier this month about getting me a pair of grips for review, and after we had discussed which grips (he just came out with the Browning Hi-Power grips that I showcased earlier this month), he offered up a pair of 1911 grips for the KTKC contest. All Rimfire Designs grips are made in the USA by Mark himself, all custom fit and finished beautifully - and come with a lifetime guarantee.

And to win them, all you have to do is donate!

Prostate Cancer Foundation


Thanks again to Rimfire Designs for this Prize Package!

That is all. 

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