Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KTKC Prize Spotlight: MHI Sporran

Today's prize package spotlight highlights a true one-of-a-kind item. This is something that is guaranteed to never be duplicated, imitated, or otherwise copied. This prize comes to us courtesy of Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks, maker of fine leather goods in the free state of Tennessee.

Prize Package #3: Monster Hunter-Themed Sporran

Not only is this sporran beautiful:

but it's also signed by Larry Correia himself:

This is the only MonsterHunter sporran signed by the author himself that we are aware of, and for a donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation or Livestrong  it could be yours! Not only that, but it's famous:
Well...I literally *just* noticed this...the Sporran is also famous on the TeeVee!

If you run the clip of the WATE interview and stop the video as it cuts to the shop (right around the 16 - 17 second mark) and look at the workbench, you will see the sporran in the *work in progress* stage...undyed save for the green of the MHI embossed logo.

Can you get much cooler than that? A one of a kind sporran, signed by Larry Correia, appeared on the TeeVee...

Yeah, we can amp up the cool factor just a tad more, I think. Jay, please provide me with the name of the Winner of this sporran, and I'll print up a Certificate of Authenticity certifying that it is a one-of-a-kind and will NEVER be duplicated exactly. I'll have a spot fr my signature and yours, where you can certify the autograph, then send the CoA along with the sporran to the winner. 
(From Dennis himself, in comments to the prize post).

Only four days left to donate and take your chance on this awesome prize!
That is all.

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