Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kilted Picture, Day Twenty Six...

Well, there are only four more days left in the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser. Only four more days of kilty goodness; only four more days to get a shot at one of these fabulous prizes. Obviously, you can donate to PCF or LiveStrong year-round, but giving now has advantages, like seeing pictures like this:

TheBoy and I relaxing before the Big Game (don't worry, it's ginger ale). He's been a great help to me during the KTKC fundraising challenge, being a good sport whenever his crazy ol' dad wanted a kilted picture and all.

For those that have donated already, thank you all so very much. Your donations will be put to good use in the fight against prostate and other cancers, and we all thank you for that. If you haven't yet donated, but are on the fence, please consider donating through:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


Of course, to entice you to donate through me as opposed the other Kilted to Kick Cancer participants, I have a number of prizes assembled that are being "raffled" off. Starting tomorrow, I'll be exploring these prizes a little more in depth, so stay tuned if you're on the fence... I'd like to thank  Michael W., Nancy R., Dragon Leatherworks, York Arms, Larry, and Mark for their extremely generous donations.

Only four more kilted pictures left!
That is all.

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Glenn B said...

I just sent out an email to over a hundred people with who I used to work Hopefuly one or two will actually make a donation to you in time for the competition.

I sent you an email regarding how I'd like my chances to be spread out for the prizes, please let me know if you receive it or not, my email has been less than stellar at deliveries lately.

All the best,
Glenn B