Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kilted Picture, Day Twenty Five

This past weekend was another kilted first. My goddaughter is involved in local community theater, and invited me to come see her in "Bye Bye Birdie". I did clear it with her first, but "Uncle" Jay showed up and represented Kilted Nation:

You have any idea how hard it is to get anyone to even acknowledge a man in a kilt in community theater in Massachusetts? 

Still lovin' the 5.11 TDK. I think the cargo pockets confuse people at first, and they think it's just a funky pair of shorts, but they're so much more user-friendly than a standard kilt. I've got a plan for a quick-release sporran attachment for the two "D" rings in the works, but with the pockets it's far less necessary. It's kinda neat to be able to take my car keys out of my front kilt pocket...

And of course, the reason I'm wearing the kilt is to raise awareness and funds as part of the Kilted to Kick Cancer project. Every day this month there has been a different picture of me in a kilt. Some have been around the house, a good number out and about, all with the same goal of drawing attention to male-specific cancer, research, and treatment. I can't tell if it's more that folks are amused by my efforts, or the train wreck effect - but in any case, y'all have been phenomenally generous, and I thank you for that.

And in case anyone's feeling more generous, you can always donate to

Prostate Cancer Foundation


Of course, to entice you to donate through me as opposed the other Kilted to Kick Cancer participants, I have a number of prizes assembled that are being "raffled" off. Starting tomorrow, I'll be exploring these prizes a little more in depth, so stay tuned if you're on the fence... I'd like to thank  Michael W., Nancy R., Dragon Leatherworks, York Arms, Larry, and Mark for their extremely generous donations.

Only five kilty days left!
That is all.


Tim Covington said...

I have a sporran that it is perfect for this (and I added the quick releases to it). It is a nylon sporran from Stillwater Kilts. It is holds a lot of stuff.
You can get them here: http://stores.channeladvisor.com/Stillwater-Kilts/Items/SWK-SPRN-NS1?&caSKU=SWK-SPRN-NS1&caTitle=Stillwater%20Kilts%20Nylon%20Cargo%20Sporran

Stretch said...

In Mass. most think you're just cross dressing.