Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kilted Picture, Day Thirty

Well, as the expression goes, all good things must come to an end. Today is the last day of September, the last day in the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising challenge. Since today is the end, I thought it fitting that the picture today would be a little different:

See? End of the contest, my "end"... I'm symbolically putting the kilt away for another year, until next September rolls around and we have the 2013 Kilted to Kick Cancer challenge.

I really don't know how I can possibly thank everyone this year. I had six awesome prizes that I was able to offer as an enticement to get you to donate through me thanks to the extraordinary kindness of friends. From Michael W.'s gorgeous bowie knife to Nancy R.'s Jayne hat; Dennis's custom sporran and Wally's lower; to Larry's inclusion in MHN and Mark's custom grips; I stand amazed at the generosity of my friends. I truly am blessed.

And everyone that helped me out along the way: Mrs. G., my patient and indulging camerawoman; TheBoy, for donning the stunt kilt and taking pictures with his crazy old man; SCI-FI for filling in as camera monkey again this year; my friends in Troop 87 and Pack 113 that were so supporting of my efforts; I couldn't have done this without everyone's help.

And this year, I really got out and went WAY outside of my comfort zone. I went to our "Hometown Days" celebration in a kilt - surrounded by my Scout parents, folks I know from town, etc. - I gave the "Why am I wearing a kilt? I'm glad you asked..." spiel dozens if not hundreds of times. And that's a good portion of what it's about - getting out there, talking to folks, getting them to realize that prostate cancer is something to be aware of and to get tested for regularly.

And, lastly. To everyone that donated, thank you so very much. I am positively humbled by your generosity. I'm speechless - and that doesn't happen very often. Last year I raised ~ $2,500. This year I more than doubled that - I'm very close to $6,000 right now, and there's still one day left. If anyone would like to make a last minute donation, that can be accomplished here:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


Thank you all for making the 2012 Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraiser such an amazing success!

That is all.


Dave H said...

You've been an inspiration Jay. I tip my hat to you for putting a cause you believe in ahead of your own comfort.

So is wearing a kilt really cooler than wearing shorts?

Glenn B said...

I have to hand it to you, you did excellent work in the face of things - obtaining a kilt, remembering to don it each day, posting pics of you online every day, going out in public, possible heckling, questions about it, explanations you had to give for it, embarrassment, and maybe even geting the willie chilly - all for a good cause.

I also have to hand it, not just to you, but also to your family and friends who helped you get through it all. From your son with the moral support of him also sometimes being kilted to your wife taking pictures - to them just standing by you - to those who donated prizes and of course to folks who donated to the charities - excellent teamwork! It all reminds me of what makes this country the greatest, it's people like you!

My only regret is that there are not 31 days in September:)

All the best,
Glenn B

Glenn B said...

Wow, you sure kicked butt with your collection efforts. I just saw the final results at In Jenifer's Head:

Jay G.$6,525
Michael Hast $2,263
Stingray $2,260
Motorcop $1,984
Justin Schorr $1,769
Kelly Grayson $1,356
Joseph Miller $1044
Jeff Brosius $863
Old NFO $845
Caleb Giddings $665.55

She also listed three of the above as inelligible for some reason unknown to me.

At $6525, you had over $4K more than your closest rival. All in all, almost $20K raised by all of you, a great effort on part of al of you. Excellent job!

All the best,
Glenn B