Friday, September 7, 2012

Kilted Picture, Day Seven

So today marks one full week of me posting kilted pictures. You knew what today's was going to be, given who I met last night, right?

Yep, that's me and Larry Correia, the Monster Hunter guy, just hangin' out at the signing comparing our iPhones. Yep. Nothing exciting to see he- OHWHOAMIKIDDINGIMETLARRYFREAKIN'CORREIA!!!!!1111

(And found out that I've been mispronouncing his last name all these years - turns out it's "Korea", not Co-RAY-ah"...)

Again, as a reminder, I'm going kilted as part of the Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign. I'm collecting donations for two groups that will help further cancer research and awareness, and am humbly asking for your donations to either of the following:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


To entice you to donate through me as opposed the other Kilted to Kick Cancer participants, I have a number of prizes assembled that are being "raffled" off - see the original post for details. I'd like to thank  Michael W., Nancy R., Dragon Leatherworks, York Arms, and Larry (more on this on Monday; stay tuned for something AWESOME) for their extremely generous donations.

Now, donate, please, and maybe you'll win one of the great prizes!

That is all.


Miguel said...

He is gonna be so pissed when i finally meet him and pronounce his name in the original Portuguese.

OK, you don't have to shave your 'stache

Bubblehead Les. said...

So what's next on your Bucket List, you Lucky Son of a Gun?