Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kilted Picture, Day Fifteen

I'm camping with the Boy Scouts today, and expect to be doing some cooking over a fire tonight, so I figured this shot taken on my back deck is pretty close:

You know, it's pretty damn neat that we live in a country where a man can grill in a kilt...

Again, as a reminder, I'm going kilted as part of the Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign. I'm collecting donations for two groups that will help further cancer research and awareness, and am humbly asking for your donations to either of the following:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


To entice you to donate through me as opposed the other Kilted to Kick Cancer participants, I have a number of prizes assembled that are being "raffled" off - a custom bowie knife, a handmade Jayne hat, a custom Monster Hunter-themed sporran signed by Larry Correia, a custom AR-15 lower, a full set of signed Monster Hunter novels - and the chance to be immortalized in the next one; and a bee-oo-tee-full set of custom 1911 grips. That's a lot of great stuff, and all you have to do is make a tax-deductible donations to one of the linked charities through me to get a chance to win them!

I'd like to thank  Michael W., Nancy R., Dragon Leatherworks, York Arms, Larry, and Mark for their extremely generous donations. I am floored by the generosity and kindness of my friends, and the lengths to which they will go to help in the fight against cancer - and help me out in the process. I'd also like to thank everyone that's donated so far - I'm shocked, stunned, and amazed (and happy) that you've chosen to donate through me.

Who knew? Seeing a shaved head biker lookin' guy in a skirt was good for donations!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

LOL, you're kicking my ass in the donations! :-)

zdogk9 said...

I wanna see a picture when you splatter grease on your foot.

Julie said...

how did the camping in a kilt go ...