Monday, September 3, 2012

Kilted Pic, Day Three

I'm serious about putting up a new kilted picture every day. My plan is to have a new, different picture for my morning post every single day for the month of September (although I do reserve the right to post video in place of a picture if applicable...)

Today's picture is also courtesy of Cher from the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot:

I'm holding the Smith & Wesson Model 41 belonging to Alan, a friend of Brad_in_MA who has the most excellent taste in firearms. The Model 41 is one of my favorite guns and is on my short list of "guns I will buy before I die" - they are insanely accurate, to the point of making even schlubs like me look good.

And speaking of looking good... There are all kinds of cool incentives to donate to LiveStrong or Prostate Cancer Foundation through your humble host, and tomorrow I'll have a post up in detail about the different items. All donations will count towards the prizes (it will be run as a raffle, with a "raffle ticket" being given for every $10 donated, and you get to specify which prize you'd like your ticket to count towards...) even those received over the weekend, so no need to wait, donate today!

Prostate Cancer Foundation


Thanks to everyone that has donated already, and to those that will donate!

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...

Hey Jay,

If you got and extra $800 sitting around doing nothing, FS in Woburn has a mod 41 on their used page.

Using his trusty mod 41 and getting plenty of practice, Alan is now part of the indoor pistol team at his club. That 41 will serve him well for years and years to come.

Grayson said...

Question: What is worn under a kilt?

Correct answer: Nothing is 'worn' under a kilt; all of the equipment is in proper working order. ;)