Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kilted Pic, Day Five

Today's kilted picture is another shot borrowed from Cher and taken the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot:

I'm shooting pediem's Winchester model 21 shotgun in 20 gauge here. It was handed down to her from her father, which I can totally grok - I'm a big fan of inherited long arms, having received several from my grandfather. It is simply stunning, a wood and blued steel relic from a time when guns were working pieces of art. Thanks for letting me run her, pediem!

And again, as a reminder, I'm going kilted as part of the Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign. I'm collecting donations for two groups that will help further cancer research and awareness, and am humbly asking for your donations to either of the following:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


To entice you to donate through me as opposed the other Kilted to Kick Cancer participants, I have a number of prizes assembled that are being "raffled" off - see the original post for details. I'd like to thank  Michael W., Nancy R., Dragon Leatherworks, and York Arms for their extremely generous donations.

Remember, the more you donate, the better your chances of winning!

That is all.


Adam said...

Jay! Get your cheek welded to that stock and get over that barrel. No forward lean at all. Come on dude.

Jay G said...

Look at the smoke - I'm rockin' back with the recoil...

Grayson said...

Kilts and guns....

The Force is STRONG with this one.:D