Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #285

Today's pic is something that's been seen before, but with a stunning new look courtesy of Mark at Rimfire Designs (see the snazzy new graphic in the "Folks that Support MArooned" section of the sidebar?):

Damn, but doesn't that look good? Mark's just rolled out a line of grips for the Browning Hi-Power, and being as all I had in the way of grips for my Hi-Power were the original, very worn wood grips and a Hogue monogrip (which is just wrong on an original Hi-Power), it was a natural fit. I'll have more on the Rimfire Designs grips in the full review, but so far, the fit and finish are excellent.

And, not for nothing, but they really dress up this old workhorse!

That is all.


instinct said...

I was seriously worried you might not like them!

They do look nice (if I do say so myself) I think the traditional Walnut is a good fit.

TomcatTCH said...

I need to shoot my hi-power more.

And i could use another set of grips for it. It's an Israeli contract gun, and the grips that came on it are a bit beat to crap.

Jay G said...

*points to link on sidebar to Rimfire Designs*...