Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #284

Today's gun pr0n is one of the existing guns in the G. armory, with a new look:

Notice the slick new flattop upper courtesy of York Arms. So much nicer than the carry handle upper... I had wanted a flattop to begin with, but I picked this up in late 2008, when the craziness and uncertainty had pretty much made most gunowners lose their minds, so when I found it at a reasonable price I grabbed it, even though it wasn't really what I had in mind.

And now, thanks to Wally, it's a lot closer...

That is all.


Old NFO said...

NICE!!! :-) Flat tops have a LOT more options! :-)

Glenn B said...

You are up and blgging nice and early! Nice gun. Looks like that would be loads of fun at a bloggershoot.

Stithjim said...

Now you just need to remove that silly front sight post...or maybe replace it with a flip up if you wanted.

Anonymous said...

ZOMG....a 20 rounder, Jay? Thought you lived in the Volksrepublic!!!! No, really, very nice!. How is the truglo treating you. I've got a $20 UTG that I'm gonna go sight in and if it turns out to be complete crap, I'm thinking about goin' with the tg next.

Jay G said...


Exactly - that's what I figured. I liked the 4X scope that AD had given me for the carry handle, but it required tightening like every other outing.


That's the idea. This one will get a red dot or holographic sight; the good glass goes on the longer target gun.


The front sight will eventually be replaced. This was done in a rush job (thanks Wally) to cover an immediate need.


It's okay, it's a pre-ban. It being 18+ years old magically makes it okay.

I had the TruGlo on the KRISS Vector for the entire testing process, and it worked great. Probably could have used a little tightening towards the end, but I didn't put it on all *that* tight since it was just a loaner...