Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #283

Today's gun pic comes from a good friend of mine who would prefer anonymity. Once you see the beauty he's sharing with us, you'll understand - he doesn't want folks sputtering with jealous rage knowing he has this sweet-lookin' pistola:

Springfield Champion with 4" barrel. The discerning eye will note a number of custom touches, all of which were carried out by anon. The fiber optic front sight, the custom trigger, new grips; he did all that work himself (and he did a helluva job on the trigger). The duracoat was performed by a specialist, but other than that it was all his handiwork.

He showed me some before pictures - the previous owner fancied himself an amateur gunsmith, with heavy emphasis on amateur. He had attempted to remove the hammer pins with a drift punch - and badly at that - and gouged the hell out of the sideplate in the process. Naturally, he attempted to fix that with a Dremel. You'd never know it now, but it looked like hell - and was priced accordingly.

Now my friend has one sweet bowling pin gun and the satisfaction of knowing he took something ugly and made it beautiful again...

That is all.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Was it modified from a 5" or 4.25" or does springer make a 4" 1911 that I'm unaware of?

And if mods were made what recoil spring/rod were used?

Custom 1911s really get me excited!