Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years...

Take a pause today to remember the events of eleven years ago. I still can't think of that day without alternating between tearing up and wanting to kill someone, so I'll default to a couple posts I've done previously that I really think capture it:

Angry post.

Contemplative post.

Hug your kids today. Pester a hippie. Go to the range. Say something blasphemous. Speak out against injustice. Flaunt your alternative lifestyle. Be politically incorrect. Eat bacon.


That is all.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Going to my wife's swearing-in cermony as a US citizen. Takes the sting out of the memory pretty well.

Jay G said...


Please give her my congratulations!

Andie said...

Congrats, Paul; what a great silver lining!

Jay, that day is forever burned in my mind's eye. Like you, I watched, horror mingled with rage, tears streaming, at a loss for words. I honor those who gave up their lives, those who responded in so many ways, and those who continue to protect the freedoms we all enjoy.

To all of those who have time in the services, I salute you and thank you for standing in harm's way.

Anonymous said...

I heard it on the radio - no TV. Started reading everything I could lay a hand on about a certain religion and its history.

And congrats to Paul and Mrs. Paul! Welcome home, Ma'am.Glad you could join us stateside.


Mopar said...

damnit, that's the 3rd time today I've got some dust in my eye. 11yrs later and I don't handle this day any better. On that day I lived in NJ, about 20 miles from Ground Zero. I was home from work that day, having told my boss to take his job and shove it for the umteenth time. I remember my father calling me and telling me to turn on the TV, a small plane had just crashed into one of the twin towers. I called my girlfriend at the time, who lived just across the river from NYC, maybe 10 miles from Ground Zero, and told her to turn on the tv, then hung up with her to call other people. She called back freaking out; she didnt have cable tv and by that point most of the NYC stations were off the air, they all had their transmitters at the WTC. She saw nothing but static on every channel and thought we had been nuked.
I remember how clear it was that day, except for the smoke from the towers burning. And the smell.
I remember how quiet it was. No planes in the sky except an occasional squadron of fighter jets. No trains running, almost no traffic.
I remember crying a lot, like I am now.

Daniel in Brookline said...

My son Michael was born on Sept. 11, 2008. He gets an American flag on his cake every year; one day he'll be old enough to understand why.

We must never forget what happened on that terrible day. But I'm glad for the chance to add some joy to it. Yes, we celebrate life.

Bonus: I just got word that my cousin Steve in Ohio is a grandfather again. So now we have two Sept. 11 boys in the family.