Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dennis Is Famous(er)!

Man's custom leather work takes off in East Tennessee
OAK RIDGE (WATE) - A personal project has turned into a full time second job for an Anderson County man. In fact, Dennis Badurina's custom leather work is so good it's being used in hit TV shows.
Made in Tennessee met Dennis in his workshop, in the basement of his home.
There's pictures and video at the link; take a look, you get the rare opportunity to see a craftsman at work. It's a great, positive, PSH-free piece, surprising to see at all in the media although less surprising than say on a NY channel. The reporter even comments on how she liked the leather smell of the workshop!

Congrats on hitting the big time Dennis!

That is all.


Roger said...

Your freinds in the industry make nice stuff. I've been wearing my Kimber compact .45 acp pistol in Dennis's Fugly IWB holster now for about 5 months. It is the most comfortable IWB I've ever worn, I can re-holster easily, not something that is common with leather holsters.
Your buddys at York arms also make nice stuff, like the custom lower I sent you photos of.
So when are you gonna have a blogshoot in south Florida? We NEED some automatic weapon goodness here in the gunshine state.


Old NFO said...

Yep, he does good work! :-)