Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Close Editions of the Stupid Kind...

Oh boy. A whole bunch of folks have sent this one in...

1 killed in attempted robbery at Don's Guns in Indianapolis
INDIANAPOLIS - A man was killed after he shot an employee at a popular Indianapolis gun store Monday, police said.

The shooting happened just after noon inside Don's Guns at 38th Street and Lafayette Road.

Don Davis, the store owner who has become a local celebrity with a string of quirky commercials, told reporters the man came into the store, rented a gun and fired three boxes of ammunition at the attached range.
I believe this is the same Don that Tamara rails about with extreme vehemence. As Spock would say, fascinating. I have a sneaking suspicion that this was "suicide by gun store", because I have never been in a gun store where the employees were not armed. Most of the time there's an openly carried handgun and most likely a loaded shotgun under the counter. Shooting a clerk is going to get you ventilated with extreme prejudice.

And it did, so welcome to the DGC, Captain Clueless.

Dead Goblin Count: 326

That is all.


Pakkinpoppa said...

I have. A large local store has many employees, but only a few are "allowed" to carry by management.

Only one place I've ever seen that at a "gun store". Well, if you go to "Dicks" or other non (primarily) gun stores, the employees aren't visibly armed in my experience.

Glenn B said...

I am almost willing to bet t someone out there is going to say that the gun store clerk was at fault for shooting the deceased because they believe the deceased had an accidental discharge. It will probably be a lawyer hoping that the family of the deceased will hire him to sue the gun store clerk and owner(s).

Tam said...

"I believe this is the same Don that Tamara rails about with extreme vehemence."

That's the one.