Thursday, September 20, 2012

Challenge Accepted.


You know by the end of this, we're going to be reduced to gladiatorial combat a la Thunderdome, right?

First, I offered to shave my mustache.

Then Ambulance Driver offered to shave half his mustache.

Next, Stingray offered to audioblog himself getting a brazilian.

And, lastly, Michael offers up videos of his wife in a skin-tight catsuit.
That's dedication right there, I have to admit.

However, I have to set the record straight. My offer was not merely to shave. Sure, millions of men do it every day, etc. My offer was to remove the mustache that I have worn since 1991 - that for the past six months has been lovingly groomed into a handlebar monstrosity that many deem "epic". I'm offering to give up something that means something to me, in order to coax more of your donations my way.

Stingray offers enduring a few minutes of pain. Now, that's certainly something - but I could offer to video me getting cavities filled without Novocaine, which is certainly as painful as a waxing but lasts longer. I thought that the symbolism in offering to give up something I'd had for a long time meant something more than mere pain tolerance, but what do I know? Michael offers up something I cannot - but it is the internet, and there are many pictures and video of attractive ladies in skin-tight outfits. I'd ask if y'all were swayed by pretty ladies, but that's a sucker's bet right there...

So, in that spirit, I'll up the ante. I can't match the pledge of skin-tight catsuits (unless the offer would be for me to never, ever wear one...) Rather than fleeting physical pain, which subsides quickly, how about emotional pain? Commenter Zdog has very generously offered to create a kilt similar to the one he's wearing here:

In hot pink.

If it's humiliation that'll get you to donate, I'm your huckleberry. Put me in the top fundraising position with your donations (which, I hasten to add, also gives you more tickets to use in my prize giveaway...), and I'll wear the hot pink kilt in next year's sidebar picture. Yes, the picture that will stay on my sidebar all month long will be of me wearing a hot pink kilt. Should you decide to donate to me, you can accomplish that here:

Prostate Cancer Foundation


So, to recap, here's what I'm offering for those who donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation or LiveStrong through me.

1. A number of awesome prizes
2. The chance to make me shave off my beloved mustache
3. A month's worth of humiliation in a hot pink kilt next year.

How can you possibly resist???

That is all.


Glenn B said...

I am almost tempted to donate yet a third time, but to tell you the truth, I am out of extra cash for a donation until the first of next month, at the earliest. I can only wish you well from here on out and I also wish it had not needed to come to such extreme measures as you wearing a pink kilt and making us look at it for a month. Maybe worse for the viewer than the wearer!

Best of luck,

agirlandhergun said...

Lol. Glad everyone is having such fun while doing some good.

Anonymous said...

Bah. If youse guys were serious you would offer to wear a kilt made outta fishhooks. Wimps..

S&M x

Ian Argent said...

I'm sorry, I can't get behind this. Your mustache needs to go another eight years or so. We need more epic mustaches on the voting rolls to counteract the zombie vote.

Ian Argent said...

And I need math lessons. It's already old enough to vote isn't it?