Friday, September 14, 2012

Book 'Em, Danno! Two Violations of the XL Soda Act

I'm sorry. I'm still shaking my head over this assclownery:

NYC Board of Health passes big-soda crackdown rule
NEW YORK – New York City's health board has passed a rule banning super-sized, sugary drinks at restaurants, concession stands and other eateries.

The regulation passed Thursday puts a 16-ounce size limit on cups and bottles of non-diet soda, sweetened teas and other calorie-packed beverages.
I am really curious to see how this plays out. We've already determined that the NYPD cannot shoot their way out of a wet paper bag; now they're going to be able to determine the exact size of a cup by eyesight? Or be able to differentiate between Coke and Diet Coke by appearance? Good luck to them on that.

I'm sorry, but anyone that supports this measure is a drooling moron that has no place in society without a handler and a drool cup. The notion that you can force people to make rational choices and not abuse their bodies has been proven demonstrably false for at least, well THOUSANDS OF DAMN YEARS. That Bloomberg has the hubris to think he can change human nature is not surprising; that the rest of NYC went along with it, slightly more so.

But this morning on the radio they had a caller who was supporting this, talking about it needed to be done "FOR THE CHILDREN". I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't make fun of the mentally diminished, but lady, what planet are you from? Do you honestly think that there's a difference between handing a *CHILD* a 16 ounce sugary soda and a 24 ounce soda? Obviously you have neither children nor even the most tenuous grasp on reality.

No, you're another nanny statist who believes that the government knows what's best for us, better than we know ourselves. You're presuming that the government - the same government, I'll wager, that five years ago you were screaming at about "no blood for oil", but I digress - knows better how to run your life than you do. How utterly, utterly depressing it must be to be you. I reject your premise and regret that you and I frequent the same planet.

It's sad that we've gone from "and yet it moves" to "save us, Nanny State Kenobi, you're our only hope"...

That is all.


Exurbankevin said...

I can't wait for the remake of "Goodfellas", where Henry Hill first breaks into the mob by dealing illicit Big Gulp cups on the streets of lower Manhattan.

nightfly said...

Yeah, this is complete bunk. And what happens? Instead of selling you a 20-ounce bottle of soda, the vendor can see you two 12-ounce cans. Total consumption goes up, not down.

Bloomberg is a putz and a would-be tinpot dictator. I can't believe that New Yorkers put up with him so readily.

JD Rush said...

--Quietly adjusts tinfoil hat--

Is this crap being tried out to see just how far they can go?

Ancient Woodsman said...

The root of all evil like this since time immemorial is that the general public is not and has never been as smart as the average person.

Maybe that sounds a little cracked, but it's true.

Eck! said...

I'll add the root of all evil is other people doing things for your own good.

NYC get a grip.


Braden Lynch said...

@JD Rush, for it to be a testing of the waters and a conspiracy to take away our rights, I would point to Exhibits A, B and C: his previous ban on trans-fats, the hoplophobia and out-of-state sting operations the mayor has mounted and finally his comments about the NYPD being his own private army.

I think he needs a small tropical island nation to rule over.

Wow, New Yorkers, I am losing even a shred of respect for you, and I hail from Kaliforniastan.

Glenn B said...

JD brought up an excellent point when he asked "Is this crap being tried out to see just how far they can go?" It is not so much, I think, to see how far they can go but instead it is setting the stage for more and more liberalism to the nth degree of leftism, by actually going further and further even down to the absolute petty stuff of life. Every time they get away with something like this, it makes the people more likely to accept such radical change in the future because it does not seem important enough to rage about. Maybe, next time, it will not be with regard to soda but with regard to prohibition of alcohol or guns (more so than now) or the addition of more taxes or not allowing a child to wear a shirt with a firearms logo on it, or making children recite the Quran or bible in disregard for their own religions. It is simply a method by which to ease us in for more restrictions, more prohibitions, more government mandated rules more all shocking and bizarre or just boring - just so the government can, in essence, control it all. That is not a conspiracy theory, I do not see it as a conspiracy but as a fact of what government does when it has surpassed what it should be doing and thinks it can make its citizens better.

As far as this goes:

"That Bloomberg has the hubris to think he can change human nature is not surprising; that the rest of NYC went along with it, slightly more so." I think that brings up something interesting that not only goes to support my first point but that it too is close to what is really happening yet it misses the mark a little bit. When saying 'all NY City people go along with it' it is dead on accurate while at the same time missing the mark by a long shot. The politicians love it when the people come to conclusions like that because it makes the supporters of such laws think - oh wow - everyone agrees with us OR it makes they who do not support it more confused as it now seems that the law has a lot of support from the People.

While you could say, strictly speaking, the rest of the people in NYC are indeed going along with it, truth be told they do not necessarily agree with it and some, maybe even most, vehemently oppose it. t is just that they do not oppose it enough to make a big bloody stink over something they view as so petty. That makes it appear as if the left has won; yet, most New York city residents, from whom I have heard either on the news or in person, are dead set against it. Well, not actually dead set and therein is my first point from above. Because they are not dead set against it, as in not ready to fight it fang and claw, and I mean that literally, the prohibition of larger than 16 ounce soft drinks will pave the way for other, more liberal and weirder, restrictions to be placed upon the liberties of folks in NYC and the rest of the country by people like Bloomberg. It is their chosen method of change and it will not cease because once it begins, short of a revolution, there is almost no way to fight it successfully and who is going to fight a revolution over soda? We may find out, sooner than later, an answer to that last question if enough of these ridiculous restrictions on our liberties pile up high enough.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ferret said...

I wonder what's to stop establishments from offering a "Bring your own cup"-sized drink, maybe additionally calling it "The Bloomberg".

PJS said...

This says it well:

Toejam said...

Bloomberg once tried to siddle up to the Irish. The Irish being first-class hypocritical Socialists themselves laughed and ignored him till he got discouraged and went away.

The moral of this story is: Don't try to scam a scamer. Especially a nation of scammers.

Mayor Bloomberg has already brought in calorie counts for menus in restaurants and New York has also banned artificial trans fats from restaurant food.

In Ireland, the Government is currently examining the implementation of calorie counts on restaurant menus.

Irish Health Minister James Reilly has also said he is in favour of taxing sugary drinks and excessively fatty foods.

The Irish government loves "stealth" taxes. How about a 23&1/2% sales tax worked into the total cost of the item so you can see it? YUP, it's true.

Yea sure. In Ireland things take time lots of time.

The Micks are laughing at Michael.

Mark Alger said...

Of course, it wouldn't be a left-statist policy prescription if it wasn't also wrong on the facts. The obesity problem Dumberg feigns to be addressing is in actuality an outcome of erroneous government dietary recommendations -- from a PREVIOUS generation of meddlesome busybodies.

And, yet, we never learn. They need to be put down at the FIRST sign of statism, to stop the spread, doncha know.