Thursday, September 13, 2012


At some point today, I'll have kicked over 2,000,0000 unique visits according to Sitemeter. Yeah, I know, Sitemeter underreports, blah blah blah; I've already hit 2 mil according to Google Analytics - but I've been using Sitemeter since day one (well, actually, about day 20 - but back then it really didn't matter much). I hit my one millionth visit just about this time in 2010 - taking me 3.5 years to do so. I cut that figure in half this time around; obviously y'all don't mind my brain droppings.

Like I said the last time I kicked over a million hits (heh), thanks to everyone that reads this blog. It still floors me that you come here to read my silly blathering - although I do wonder how many stop in, like TOTWTYTR, to see the train wreck. Thanks to everyone that sends me blogfodder - Les, Gerry, Scott, Mopar, Stickman, PISSED, Joseph, Jacqueline, and everyone else. I don't always use the stories sent in, but I really appreciate y'all taking time to send them to me!

Even if sometimes it seems like you only send me stories just to hear me sputter... ;)

That is all.


PISSED said...

Congrats Jay! you are the reason I started taking up internet space with my blog back in 2010 :)

Andie said...

Congratulations! An awesome milestone to have reached... ;)

Borepatch said...

Congrats, even if about 100,000 of them are from me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! (tents fingers)


Tam said...

Belated congratulations! :o